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Tips for Playing Sit & Go Poker

Sit & Go poker tournaments are organized differently than traditional tournaments, but they can still be a quick way to gain some experience and make a little extra money. The Sit & Go game is more informal, and feature a motley crew of different kinds of players. In these tournaments, players sign up on the spot, and as soon as enough players have registered, the game begins.

Start Slow

Because Sit & Go tournaments use fewer chips, it's important to be cautious with your bets early in the game--at least until you are confident that you hold a winning hand. Try to play as tight as possible at first, conserving your chips and folding for the first few rounds if your hands aren't stellar. This way, you can concentrate your energy on getting to know your opponents' tells and playing styles.

Force Others to Fold

One of the reasons it's important to play cautiously in the early stages of a Sit & Go tournament is that this strategy will inevitably force other players out. In other words, by playing "tight" and working on your bluff, you can remain in the game as part player, part spectator--and watch other players drop out, allowing you to make your big move.

At some point during the tournament, you will have to start playing aggressively. This is best done when there are just four or five players remaining. Switching up your playing style will surprise your opponents, and will prompt at least one or two to fold.