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The Pros and Cons of Playing Multiple Poker Tables

One of the main differences between traditional poker and online poker is that the latter offers you the opportunity to play at more than one table simultaneously. While some players see this as and advantage, others feel it to be too distracting, and that it makes online poker a "lesser" game.

Pros of Multiple Tables

An obvious advantage of playing more than one table at once is that your chances of winning more money increase exponentially. This does not mean that you will definitely win more money, but that your odds will increase as a result of the sheer volume of tables you play. Additionally, playing multiple tables exposes you to a number of different players and playing styles, and allows you to try out a number of different strategies at once.

Cons of Multiple Tables

On the other hand, playing multiple tables makes it difficult to concentrate on playing the game. If you are always moving back and forth between tables, you will not be able to closely analyze your opponents' strategies, and you may miss some key moves. Thus, you will not be able to develop your ability to read opponents and catch bluffs, which will be helpful in live poker games.

Playing multiple tables can be exciting, since it increases the pace of the game (or rather, the games), and because it provides more chances to win. Yet if you opt to play more than one table, take note of what you will have to sacrifice, and remember that some of your traditional poker playing skills may get a little rusty.