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Raising Methods in Texas Hold 'Em

One of the more complicated decisions a player will make during a game of poker is whether or not to raise a bet, and how much the raise should be. In no limit Texas Hold 'Em, there are a couple of viable strategies. Some say that consistency is the most advisable, while others claim that it is better to change the amount of your raise from time to time, to keep the competition guessing.


Some poker players prefer to always raise the same amount every hand, as this makes it more difficult for opponents to guess whether or not they have a good hand. In a way, it allows players to avoid deciding whether or not to bet on the bluff, since no matter what they will always bet the same amount. The key to making this strategy work is to vary your plays enough to ensure that your opponents are truly unable to read your moves.


Changing up your raise each hand is another way to prevent other players from determining what cards you might be holding--so long as you use this strategy correctly. It's important not to bluff every time, and to make sure the amounts of your raises are random enough to throw your opponents off the scent.

Whatever method you decide to use, just remember to avoid falling into a routine. An experienced opponent will be able to detect any repetitive strategy or predictability in your betting strategy, and will do their best to use that against you.