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Emerging Poker Markets

The game of poker is spreading across the globe and new players from every background and walk of life are finding the lure of the game's action and fun to be too much to resist. With that in mind, casinos that offer poker and specialized card rooms are popping up all over the place. This means that poker is no longer limited to annual trips to Las Vegas or the casinos of the United States. In fact, there is organized poker on every continent except for Antarctica, but there are even reports of games being played there between researchers and laborers stationed at the South Pole and at other locations.

In Asia, the biggest poker boom may be found in the small republic of Macau. Attached to the country of China, the gambling center has grown to ridiculously large size over the past few years as Chinese natives and those from other countries flock to the new casinos that offer a combination of slots, table games, and, of course, poker. It is at these Macau casinos that the largest games in the world are currently taking place, with many of the most famous poker pros spending a great deal of time there. Players like Phil Ivey, John Juanda, and Sam Trickett are said to be big winners in the nosebleed games and the draw of incredible action has seen many other players go there to pad their bankroll.

Just a little further south, the country of Australia is also seeing tons of players get involved with the game. The annual Aussie Millions tournament has become a large draw for the international poker world and its accompanying high stakes cash games bring professionals from everywhere to compete against the best players that Australia has to offer. Combined with a surge from online poker in Australia, many of the game's top talents are coming from the land down under to take on the world.

Asia and Australia are not alone in the growth of poker. The European continent is seeing poker take off as well, with countries in Eastern Europe making up the bulk of the new players. In particular, Russian players have shown that they are quite able to keep up with the top names in the west and the best competitors are taking down international tournaments all the time. Other top players are emerging from Romania, France, and Germany, including the latest world champion from the latter.

The live and online poker explosion has become a global event, from Buenos Aires to St. Petersburg and all points in between. Much of this growth is due to online poker rooms, such as PokerStars and its easy availability all across the globe. As more and more players learn the game of poker and how to deal poker hands, it is expected that the skill level needed to be successful at the game will continue to rise, and the highest stakes games will be populated by international players that are all able to compete with the current English-speaking elite in the universal language of poker.